Posted by: Walker Mackey | 2011/02/08

Why Jump?

I ask myself why I have the motivation to take part in these activities? The answer is simple. For the love of life. Every time I think about those skydives with my bother, or the big wall adventures I shared with my friends, I can’t help but smile. Those moments are the true definition of simple happiness. There is no tangible purpose to them only the action of being. Living fully in every moment. It is these moments that are the most valuable to me because they lead to amazing revelations about this ultimate gift of life. These activities are the means by which I have chosen to  educate myself and explore the learning process of life experience. Experience is the most important condition in life. I value it over anything else. For me it is important to live free and experience as many different moments as possible. Each moment is a gift and a blessing and therefore must be taken advantage of with a smile. There are no guaranties in life and any instant could be your last. With this mind set happiness is mandatory in every instant of your life experience.

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